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pux s.r.o. 3/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 10×


SAP CRM Easy to Implement solution from NTT Data

NTT Data 3/29/2013 | Displayed per month: 15×

This Easy to Implement solution covers the business areas of sales, marketing and services. It is based on the industry‘s best practices and very usefull for companies where the combination of marketing, sales and services is making the difference.

SAP master data governance

PT Abyor International 3/29/2013 | Displayed per month: 14×

This Easy to Implement solution supports you to increase and ensure the data quality of your supplier and customer domain related data. After implementing this solution, your business processes related to these domains will run efficiently.

eCloudManager 4.2

Fluid Operations AG 3/29/2013 | Displayed per month: 16×

The eCloudManager is a certified innovative cloud orchestration platform which supports customers and their implemenation partners to build or transform their SAP enterprise solutions to a private or public cloud solution...

QPR ProcessAnalyzer

QPR Software 3/29/2013 | Displayed per month: 14×

QRP ProcessAnalyser empowers one to create process flowcharts from event driven data stored on your ERP application. These flowcharts can be used for analysing and improving your business processes.

Smart Store

ActiProcess Business Solutions Ltd 3/29/2013 | Displayed per month: 12×

Smartstore is a solution that enables organisations to connect to the Google cloud infrastructure. Smartstore works in combination with the SAP Content Server. And therefore encourages re-usability of the SAP application assets already owned by your organisation.

Smart Process Suite

ActiProcess Business Solutions Ltd 3/29/2013 | Displayed per month: 8×

Smart Process Suite is a solution that can be used for increasing the productivity of a company, reducing time to market programs and improving the TCO of current IT investments.


Communi-T 3/29/2013 | Displayed per month: 15×

Communi-T enables organisations to enable their functionality and data via the web. It's very valuable for companies needing to make their SAP transactions available for third parties and make full use of the possibilities of the internet.

ECS Real-time Point of Sales

Enterprise Consultancy Services 3/29/2013 | Displayed per month: 11×

This point of sales solution makes it possible to keep your business going forward by creating more effiency, speed and flexiblity in our organisation. this does your organization belong to the best in class retailers...


Novaline 3/29/2013 | Displayed per month: 10×

This add on solution is based on the SAP Business One platform. It is of great value for companies operating in the plant construction and building construction...