T-Systems Easy to Implement solution for SAP Service Parts Planning

T-Systems International GmbH 3/30/2013 | Displayed per month: 14×

The SAP Service Parts Planning solution from T-Systems offers special planning functionality which is of great added value for companies who are involved in th distribution and parts businesses. This solution supports a real time transparency throughout the value chain.

Integra payroll processing Easy to Implement solution

Integrata Solutions 3/30/2013 | Displayed per month: 10×

In order to facilitate and constrain the implementation period, Integra has developed a Pre-parameterized Spanish Payroll based on SAP HCM. If the Preconfigured’s structure fits with the specific requirements of the client, the implementation process can be three months.


Netfira 3/30/2013 | Displayed per month: 11×

Netfira provides an easier transmission on documents between buyers and sellers by including them in their ERP systems and allows an automation of B2B transactions. Sharing can be done in real time and this solution improves the connection with customers for business already using EDI systems.

SOAP Add-on for SAP PI 7.1,7.3 and 7.31

Rojo Consultancy 4/7/2013 | Displayed per month: 14×

The SOAP add-on for SAP PI extends the standard functionality of PI adapters and reduces the maintenance and development costs of PI projects. It gives customers full control of their integration needs by providing an easy yet robust proven-technology solution for SOAP based integration scenarios.

Toolary example 2016

Toolary 10/23/2013 | Displayed per month: 12×

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Easy-To-Implement solution for SAP GRC Access Controll

Turnkey Consulting 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 9×

Turnkey Consulting has a proven record in designing, building and deploying of SAP security solutions. Turnkey Consulting offers an Easy-To-Implement solution for GRC Access Control.

Net4Site Easy to Implement solution for SAP Afaria

Net4Site LLC 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 8×

Net4Site offers an Easy to Implement solution for SAP Afaria. This solution makes it possible to manage various devices in an efficient way while respecting the corporate policies and security rules. The ITIL processes mobile device administration, configuration and (de)commissioning are ...


AuditBot Inc 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 13×

SAP License manager will enable your organisation to save and cut costs in your SAP licenses. This is achieved by providing live snapshots, methods for classifications, and consolidating user’s various usernames into a single entity.

HR iPad app

CubeServ AG 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 9×

The Human Resource Management iPad app developed by CubeServ AG enables executives and other staff members to access Human Resource Management key figures and processes. The user-friendliness of this application will empower your organisation to take the next step in professionalising you...

SAP ERP HCM for Payroll

Veratis 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 12×

Veratis Technologies developed a solution for Payroll, Time, Benefits, Organisational Administrator and Personal Administrator in SAP ERP HCM. This Easy-To-Implement solution will be implemented with a fixed-price, fixed-scope package and offers companies a set of preconfigured scenarios o...