MyBI Mobile

Exxova 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 10×

Exxova’s MyBI Mobile solution provides SAP BusinessObjects content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from mobile devices. Users and business leaders can now have access to real-time, mission-critical data on the go and make informed decisions anywhere; whether in the boardroom, restau...

Manage Your Collections (MYC Mobile)

Robert Bosch 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 10×

Having mobile access to the account statement of your customers might be of great value. You will be able to update the data of your customers, get access to the cheque receipts and will be able to enhance their credit limit. Robert Bosch did develop this solution in close cooperation with...

Track Your Material (MobileTYM)

Robert Bosch 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 16×

Track Your Material is a mobile solution developed by Robert Bosch in close cooperation with SAP Co-innovation Lab. It gives you all the information about your materials such as: purchasing orders, warehouse location, stock levels, etc. By using this mobile solution you are able to optimiz...

Achieve Warehouse Management

Achieve IT Solutions 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 21×

Achieve Warehouse Management has all tools your company needs to process more orders and move more inventory in a short time. As with all Achieve One modules, Achieve Warehouse Management is built specifically for SAP Business One, utilizing the advanced technical architecture of the SAP B...

Achieve Container Management

Achieve IT Solutions 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 20×

Achieve Container Management is an innovative solution for SAP Business One, that provides manufacturers, distributors and third-party logistic providers, visibility and control of the inbound containers and inventory. Achieve Container Management provides importers with the ability to tra...

Achieve AR Collections Management

Achieve IT Solutions 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 22×

The Achieve AR Collections Management is a proactive solution designed to help organizations streamline their credit and collection procedure–resulting in a reduction of financial risk and increased Cash flow. Developed specifically for SAP Business One, Achieve AR Collections Management, ...

Achieve Freight Control

Achieve IT Solutions 8/24/2013 | Displayed per month: 17×

The Achieve Freight Control module, developed by Achieve IT Solutions, serves as a bridge between SAP Business One and the carrier shipping systems. All relevant information for each order is copied to a shipping request document. Operators may enter the quantity shipped or packaging info...

PBS Software Solutions

ST-ADDONS 10/4/2013 | Displayed per month: 12×

PBS Software GmbH is a leading provider for SAP add-on solutions in the areas data archiving, extraction and storage as well as system closings and has been known to be an expert on complex, integrated data accesses for more than 20 years.

Sobetec Easy to Implement solution for profitability analysis

Sobetec 1/11/2014 | Displayed per month: 9×

Customers using SAP ERP CO-PA (profitability analysis) can benefit from Sodebec Easy to Implement solution which is based on SAP HANA technology. By using this Easy to Implement solution you will a great improvement regarding your financial reporting processes.


Enterprise Consultancy Services 1/11/2014 | Displayed per month: 10×

SODInsight has been developed to check for any contradictions in the user's authorities based upon pre-set rules. So you will be resolved from issues related to incompatible duties from your employees. SODinsight is a monitoring tool that will check if there are contradictions in user authorization