SysMap Easy to Implement solution for SAP CRM

SysMap Solutions Software e Consultoria 1/11/2014 | Displayed per month: 11×

The Sysmap Easy to Implement solution for SAP CRM will give you in 8 weeks the benefits of the SAP CRM solution in the areas Sales, Marketing and Services. It is a best in class Easy to Implement solution for SAP CRM.

Sage HCM Scan

Sage Consulting LLC 1/11/2014 | Displayed per month: 9×

Poor data quality is one of the major threats for an IT system. Due to the fact of poor data quality the user will not use the system anymore. That the reason why Sage Consulting LLC did develop a HCM scan.


triVector 1/11/2014 | Displayed per month: 13×

triVector did develop a solution that enables an organization to unlock the value of their SAP system. It enables a customer to design and redesign processes for optimisation and continuous improvement by re-using building blocks and elements of existing SAP applications.

Controlled Budget Maintenance

Dimensys 1/14/2014 | Displayed per month: 9×

For Work Preparation Engineers and managers working in Project-Centric Businesses, who wish to increase their work preparation efficiency by controlling project budgets in SAP, Dimensys’ Prefab SAP’s Controlled Budget Maintenance provides a standard software solution.

Arcplan enterprise

Arcplan Information Services GmbH 1/18/2014 | Displayed per month: 11×

Arcplan Enterprise is a solid and flexible business intelligence reporting and analytics platform. With Arcplan enterprise, you are able to deliver actionable, contextual knowledge for each level of decision making in the organization.


Lex Consult 1/18/2014 | Displayed per month: 12×

The SGTlex solution is providing a larger and more appropriate management of taxes from customers and, consequently, maximize their results since it allows the identification and quantification of risks based on tax planning and tax intelligence.


SALT Solutions 1/18/2014 | Displayed per month: 10×

The Solo iPad app is a great solution for your sales respresentatives and visual merchandisers. This because this solution is giving you the opportunity to manage your retail business directly from the location where your products are (shop, rack, showroom, etc.). Your sales will have realtime data.

Insurance Fraud

Glooobal 1/18/2014 | Displayed per month: 13×

Glooobals solution Insurance Fraud has been developed together with MSG global solution, a leading expert in SAP Insurance. The solution combines decection methodes based upon the rich industry knowledgde of MSG and the SAP Hana expertise of Glooobal to dectect fraudulent acts.

SAP order control console

SALT Solutions 1/19/2014 | Displayed per month: 9×

The SALT add on "SALT control console" offers a solution for detailed job scheduling which takes into account ther various restrictions which might have an impact for a specific order or batch of orders.

Project Managers Workbench (PMW)

Dimensys 2/1/2014 | Displayed per month: 14×

For all Project Managers and Project Controllers using SAP, who are not completely satisfied with their current options for Project Control. Prefab-SAP’s Project Managers Workbench provides timely insight into all project related elements conveniently in one application.