Systech Easy to Implement solution for operational reporting with SAP HANA

Systech Integrators 5/5/2014 | Displayed per month: 8×

Systech's SAP qualified Easy to Implement solution for the migration of your current SAP BW environment to SAP HANA and operational reporting with HANA gives your company the ability of real time decision making based upon large volumes of data in business areas such as sales, finance and ...


Oxygen Business Solutions 5/5/2014 | Displayed per month: 11×

The SAP ECC based add-on solution that bridges the gap between the Controlling (CO) module and Logistics Planning (PM,PP&MM) in operational budget planning, forecasting and actuals tracking.

Net4Site Easy to Implement solution for mobile analytics visualization

Net4Site LLC 5/5/2014 | Displayed per month: 7×

The SAP-qualified and Easy to Implement solution for SAP Mobile Analytics Visualization, Net4site allows companies to use BI apps samples to develop their own applications. It enables your organisation take faster business decisions based on visual information.

Deloitte Easy to Implement solution for SAP GRC Access Control

Deloitte China 5/5/2014 | Displayed per month: 10×

The Easy to Implement solution from Deloitte China for SAP BusinessObjects Access Control provides an easy and fast implementation of SAP GRC Access Control. This solution provides a higher level of clarity of user information to ease companies to anticipate the risk of access, reduce the ...

BatchMaster Manufacturing

BatchMaster Software 5/5/2014 | Displayed per month: 8×

BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One is an integral and profitable solution for process industries. It allows to analyze the cost of products, to control production, to schedule and plan, and to make compliance and quality control for different types of process industries.

mWorkspace for SAP CPM

Mindtree ltd 5/20/2014 | Displayed per month: 10×

Mindtree's mWorkspace application provides the users with information on the health of the project and ability to take basic actions based on the results.

Sofon Guided Selling

Sofon B.V. 6/24/2014 | Displayed per month: 13×

An essential factor in ensuring a successful sales transaction is a complete, correctly specified and feasible product. Sofon Guided Selling makes it possible to put complex products together in no time and with a minimum amount of product knowledge.

SAP ODBC driver

RSSBus inc. 8/24/2014 | Displayed per month: 15×

RSSBus ODBC Drivers The SAP ODBC Driver is a powerful tool that allows you to easily connect-to live SAP data through any ODBC capable application or tool, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Visual Basic, PHP, PowerBuilder, FoxPro, and more!

Workforce scheduling

Ortec | Displayed per month: 0×

Workforce Scheduling challenges can be solved by planning and optimization solutions, which will bring you: reduction of the required work hours in the primary process (such as security officers in a security organization or doctors and nurses in a hospital).

Field Force Automation

General Electric 9/6/2014 | Displayed per month: 10×

Field Force Automation™(FFA) solution is a web-based Work Force Management platform that helps you understand your service business and helps ensure your service business understands your objectives, so the right field worker with the right skills and parts gets to the right place at the right time.