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Every Angle

Every Angle 2/11/2015 | Displayed per month: 60×

Every Angle is an international software company with a unique self-service, cross-process analytics solution for companies who run SAP. Every Angle contains sophisticated, inbuilt intelligence and unique cross-process capabilities that are not available in any other BI tool, including SAP.

Salt Business Glass Connector

SALT Solutions 2/19/2017 | Displayed per month: 48×

By using this Business Glass Connector add-on, we connect data glasses as such has Google Glass to your SAP-based warehousing admini-stration (SAP EWM, SAP WM). With this, you increase the ergonomics for your employees, thereby increasing the picking speed and the quality of the picking procedure.

HPC.PP Production Cockpit

HPC AG 2/20/2017 | Displayed per month: 46×

The HPC.PP production cockpit offers you a streamlined and simple possibility to enter information directly at the shop floor level and process it in your SAP ERP system. You can retrieve real-time information from production in a simple and transparent way.

xFlow Procurement for SAP

Xsuite 2/7/2017 | Displayed per month: 42×

xFlow Procurement for SAP is a tool for optimizing your internal procurement processes. Use it to create SAP purchase requisitions and SAP purchase orders and route them into a rule-based approval and release process.

Transport Center V5

Opensapiens Nederland BV 9/14/2017 | Displayed per month: 38×

Transport Center is an out-of-the-box SAP© add-on solution which enhances the standard Change and Transport System (CTS or TMS) by providing a convenient framework for monitoring, approving and importing transport requests.