Controlled Budget Maintenance

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Work is often centred on impossibilities rather than the possibilities. Work preparation departments require a certain flexibility to adopt and adjust to the dynamic methods of projects execution and management. Although the Project Manager usually carries the responsibility for the performance of this vital work, he or she generally does this personally. Do you spend time converting a commercial estimation into a workable execution breakdown structure? If so Dimensys’ Prefab SAP Controlled Budget Maintenance add-on is the solution for you.


  • Flexible editing of budgets
  • Controlled splitting of WBS elements
  • Original budget version is locked
  • Track and trace of all changes
  • Reporting of changes made

Added value

  • Optimal flexibility in maintaining budgets
  • Improved understanding of WBS structure
  • Clear view of baseline and current situation
  • Transparent insight in "decision making process"
  • IFRS compliancy