Estimation interface

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Does it sound familiar to you to use your industry’s company’s favorite estimation solution to calculate the right price to secure a project? Or do you use MS Excel to make your formula-based cost estimations? And once the project has been awarded, do the cost and quantity budgets need to be transferred to your SAP system to keep track of progress versus your estimated budget?

What about change order estimation during the project? Is your estimation solution easy and flawless in uploading its carefully estimated budgets into SAP using standard software, or do you use your own custom-made interface?

The results of the estimation software manually entered in SAP and any adjustments by the IT department take unnecessary extra time and cause possible failures.

These are risks one cannot really afford to run when a project has just been acquired, or at the start or following acceptance of change work.

MS Excel is nevertheless here to stay, because SAP does not serve all the specific needs of cost and quantity estimation software. In order to fully utilize the benefits of an integrated ERP project management system, it would be useful if one could combine both the advantages of the best estimation solution for the industry with the best integrated ERP project management system.

Custom-developed interfaces would naturally resolve this problem. However, the most favorable solution would be to have a standard SAP software add-on, which could map to your specific cost/quantity lines from your estimation solution to SAP.


  • Standard mapping software
  • Standard mappings of common estimation tools
  • Uploads any CSV budget file into SAP
  • Tracking of orginal budget

Added value

  • Higher efficiency
  • Increased effectiveness: faster time to market
  • Flexibility in use
  • IFRS compliancy