Project Managers Workbench (PMW)

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Standard SAP does not offer in an appropriate way one central real-time view of all project section related items such as budget (versions), project-, production- and service- elements, nor does it offer trend analysis on projects.

This results in a time consuming process that doesn’t guarantee accurate and consistent data for project meetings. In SAP, many transactions and reports need to be used in order to get a unified view of a project for all departments. Supporting your company’s specific project management takes customization or even development of the standard SAP system. Project/Time analysis is very valuable but even more time consuming.

Due to the above, daily project reporting is nearly impossible resulting in diminished budgetary control, inability to invoice adequately. In sum: you are losing money.

Typically smart SAP customization and custom developed programs and reports can solve the problem. The best solution however, is to have all these specifics in a standard SAP add-on customizable to a company’s specific needs!

Compared to the necessary custom development of SAP, Prefab-SAP’s Project Managers Workbench is a standard and ready to use software component. It is compliant with SAP’s development and customization standards and is future proof due to maintenance and release management by Dimensys.


  • All budget, revenue and cost type versions on line
  • Customizable overview screen
  • Overall picture of a project
  • Version management (Period Freeze)
  • Data maintenance is auditable

Added value

  • Less time needed to report
  • High acceptance by project managers
  • supports a proactive approach by project managers
  • Clear insight in history and current situation
  • Adequate IFRS reporting