Displayed per month: 18× | Protect4S | 2/21/2016 | Add on solution
Certification:SAP certified
Nr. implementations:300×

Protect4S is an SAP Platform Security solution that enables continuous improvement of your SAP security by a repeated process of: Scan – Analyse – Mitigate.

This solution scans use around 2000 checks and that number is constantly growing. Protect4S hardens your SAP systems continuously on all relevant layers of Operating System, Database and Application.

SAP itself and other providers offer SAP Security solutions that are often very complex and not user-friendly. With Protect4S, we offer a solution that largely automates the complicated SAP Security processes and makes manual operations very simple.


  • No hardware required
  • No agents uses, no software in satellite systems
  • Easy, transparent and affordable license structure
  • Goes way beyond standard SAP tooling
  • Hana ready

Added value

  • Reduces the risk of damage due to hacking
  • Reduces the risk of reputation losses
  • Replaces costly manual compliance and security
  • Low learning curve
  • Helps you stay in control and being compliant