PBS Software Solutions

Displayed per month: 12× | ST-ADDONS | 10/4/2013 | Add on solution
Certification:SAP certified
Nr. implementations:1500×

PBS Software has been supplementing these products perfectly in the areas of data archiving, nearline storage, data extraction and data storage since 1991.

The application of PBS Software is versatile. It can first be used prior to SAP data archiving taking place in order to determine data growth, can then be used to perform the simple and fast access to already archived or nearline stored SAP enterprise data, and finally, can be used to perform data transfers to state-of-the-art and compliant storage systems. The main focus of implementation for PBS software is in SAP ERP. Here, PBS archive add ons which are corresponding to the SAP modules provide fast and comprehensive data access. However, PBS also provides SAP add-on solutions for vertical markets such as for the SAP components NetWeaver Business Intelligence, Retail or Industry Solutions.


  • Reduce online database size
  • Database optimization
  • Reduce database growth
  • Compliant archiving
  • user friendly

Added value

  • Reduce TCO and postpone hardware investment
  • Improved performance
  • Reduce costs
  • Effective Information Lifecycle management (ILM)
  • no discussions and no user training required